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ieSpell - A Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

Change History

The following list reflects the changes that were made to ieSpell in all its previous releases (up to and including the current release). They are listed in reverse chronological order.

  • 2.6.4 (build 573) (released 20th February 2010)

    • FIX - issue with spell checking large documents (>30k characters) with lots of custom tags (e.g. Wikipedia pages). The text parsing code was rewritten to make it more robust and alot quicker too.


  • 2.6.3 (build 814) (released 20th January 2010)

    • FIX - Reverted "Check Spelling" in Internet Explorer's right click menu to show up all the time.
    • FIX - Fixed UAC problem for license registration.
    • FIX - Silent install/uninstall not completely silent.
    • FIX - Highlighting may go wrong when the same mis-spelling word exists in different case.
    • FIX - Minor resource leak in the Spellcheck Validator dialog box.


  • 2.5.1 (build 106) (released 31st October 2006)

    • NEW - "Check Spelling" in Internet Explorer's right click menu now shows only when in edit mode.
    • FIX - "Lookup on Merriam Webster" pops up a debug prompt.


  • 2.5.0 (build 185) (released 30th October 2006)

    • NEW - Extended "Lookup Meaning" feature to ANY number of online search services!
    • NEW - Allow each user to maintain their own custom online dictionary list.
    • NEW - Installer now adds "Lookup on Merriam Webster" and "Lookup on Wikipedia" in IE's right click menu by default.
    • FIX - Bug: Browser window spawned by "Lookup Meaning" feature does not have scroll bars.


  • 2.4.0 (build 428) (released 3rd August 2006)

    • NEW - "Look up meaning" feature via right click menu for ANY word/phrase on the page.
    • NEW - Added more info about ieSpell in the "Add or Remove Programs" applet.
    • FIX - Clean up resource IDs (removing duplicates) paving way for the resource DLLs.
    • FIX - Bug that cause the caption of the Options dialog not to display properly.
    • FIX - Registration info displays in localized text after changing language.


  • 2.3.0 (build 264) (released 28th July 2006)

    • NEW - Allow user to change the location of the custom dictionary (either copy or move) in the "Edit Custom Dictionary" dialog.
    • NEW - Added persistent window placement (survive shutdown) with a user override option (default is on).
    • NEW - add installer switch to set a custom user dictionary location during installation.
    • FIX - Make Default button is no longer enabled when a selected custom dictionary is READ-ONLY.
    • FIX - Bug that cause ieSpell to think that a non-existent custom dictionary is read-only.
    • FIX - Memory leak in spell checker - options object not freed at shutdown.
    • FIX - Improved support for optional language packs.


  • 2.2.0 (build 647) (released 27th March 2006)

    • NEW - Multi-language support! The core application has been revamped to support localization. i.e. Not only will you be able to spell check in other languages, the UI itself will displayed in that language. We will be releasing language packs for the various European languages shortly. (starting with French)
    • NEW - Users now have the option to choose their preferred online reference dictionary to check the meaning of an unknown word.
    • NEW - Users can add on their own online reference dictionaries to the list provided.
    • NEW - Users can choose to show or hide the ieSpell items in the browser's right click context menu. (This feature is especially useful for users with multiple logon accounts on a PC as the default install only sets up the right click options for the windows account that performed the install.)
    • NEW - Users now have the option to remove all the custom dictionaries during the uninstall process.
    • NEW - Check write permissions on custom dictionaries, if its READONLY, disable the add/delete function in the edit custom dic dialog.
    • FIX - Checkdocumentnode does not work for INPUT type=text elements.
    • FIX - IE7 beta2 does not show the word highlighted until the doc is forced to redraw. This is considered a temporary fix as contents in a DIV tag are still not refreshed by this fix. We are monitoring the developments over at the Microsoft camp and will provide a more comprehensive fix closer to the IE7 launch date.
    • FIX - If user click on OPTIONS in the validator dialog and return to the check, they will lose the initial context (e.g. using CheckDocumentNode).


  • 2.1.1 (build 325) (released 22nd January 2005)

    • NEW - ieSpell now has an option to ignore words with underscore in them.
    • NEW - added support for HTMLArea2 (a freeware HTML rich text editor).
    • FIX - does not work if ShowModalDialog does not contain a full markup document (i.e. without enclosing <HTML> tags).
    • FIX - missed spelling errors if the sentence contains line breaks without preceding spaces in them.


  • 2.1.0 (build 552) (released 17th November 2004)

    • NEW - ieSpell now ignores tags that has the style="visibility:hidden" set.
    • NEW - ieSpell now ignores tags that has DISABLED attribute specified.
    • NEW - ieSpell now ignores tags that has the custom attribute "ieSpell_ignored" attribute specified. (note: custom attribute is case-insensitive.)
    • NEW - added support for scripts to hide the "Spell check complete" dialog at the end of a spell check. (use the new methods CheckAllLinkedDocuments2 and CheckDocumentNode2)
    • NEW - added support for scripts to receive a FALSE status code should the user cancel the spell check. (use the new methods CheckAllLinkedDocuments2 and CheckDocumentNode2)
    • NEW - added support for DIV tags
    • NEW - added support for ShowModalDialog
    • FIX - Removed custom dictionary entries will reappear in the list box of ieSpell Options after closing the dialog.
    • FIX - ignore words in MixedCase does not work as advertised.
    • FIX - license file must be in the same directory as the installer if specified in an install script.


  • 2.0.1 (build 325) (released 10th August 2003)

    • fixed bug - highlight goes haywire if the text block contains other html elements.
    • fixed bug - ieSpell crashes (due to null pointer) at some sites.
    • change browser right click context menu "Check Spelling" underline to the S char.
    • added more details for "A required component is not found" error message.


  • 2.0.0 (build 577) (released 12th June 2003)

    • major code refactoring to facilitate upcoming features.
    • ieSpell now ignores html text boxes that are hidden on the page.
    • added online lookup of word feature. Useful if you have always wondered what that strange looking word in the suggestion list means!
    • new spell check option added - ignore words with numbers. (e.g. Win95)
    • new spell check option added - ignore html markups and escape sequences. (e.g. <br>, &nsbp;)
    • allow user to create/add/remove custom dictionaries.
    • allow user to edit contents of custom dictionaries easily through built in UI.
    • allow user to select more than one custom dictionaries.
    • custom dictionaries can be located anywhere in the file system hence you may even share them over the network using UNC paths!
    • share your custom dictionary with Microsoft Word!
    • dialogs now uses System Fonts so that they don't look broken in Win95.
    • added some command line options to the installer. Use /S for silent, /UK or /US or /CA for setting the default dictionary to something other than US.
    • added a licensing module for users to register their licensed copy of ieSpell.
    • and lots more minor enhancements and fixes!


  • 1.1.0 (build 665) (released 15th Nov 2002)

    • Fixed a compatibility issue on Windows 95 and NT systems ("The procedure entry point SHGetFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll") .
    • added "Choose install location" dialog to installer. Note that the dialog will only show when performing a fresh install. (Upgrades will install over the previously chosen location.)
    • installer will now prompt the user to close the browser windows if locked files are detected during the installation process.
    • installer will now alert the user should the dll registration fails.
    • upgraded toolbar icon to be more XP friendly. YEAH!


  • 1.1.0 (build 553) (released 26th Oct 2002)

    • Fixed an uninstall bug that managed to slip into v1.1 (build 532) - ieSpell failed to remove its shortcuts from IE's menu bar.


  • 1.1.0 (build 532) (released 24th Oct 2002)

    • Added limited support for server side control of ieSpell
    • Added support for Outlook Web Access and Lotus iNotes
    • Improved multi-(windows)user support (each windows user now has his own personal word list)
    • Added multi-language support
    • Added keyboard accelerators to dialog
    • Changed default button to "change"
    • Changed default focus to the replace edit box
    • Reworked about page to be a property page in the options dialog
    • Reworked custom word list implementation
    • Updated installer to migrate the user's old custom word list to the new format/location
    • Other misc internal fixes and performance enhancements


  • 1.0.0 (build 429) (released 26th June 2002)

    • Added ieSpell Options Dialog. You can now customize the behavior of the spelling check such as the number and type of dictionaries to use, suggestion mode and so on.
    • Added support for "rich edit" fields. (In these fields, you can change the text's font, size, style and etc).
    • Added support for IE's context (a.k.a. right-click) menu.
    • Added support for IE based browsers (e.g. MSN, AOL, NetCaptor and NeoPlanet) through the use of the context menu.
    • Added a number of ignore filters such as words in URLs, all uppercase letters, mixed case letters, accents, and others.
    • Fixed inter-frame security bug. (ieSpell fails to detect text fields in frames that reside in a domain different from the main URL)


  • 0.9.3 (build 58) (released 29th May 2002)

    • This is really version but with the default dictionary set to UK English for distribution on the cover disc of PC Advisor UK.
    • Updated installer to include a license dialog during installation.


  • 0.9.2 beta (build 246) (released 7th May 2002)

    • Added ability to spell-check a selected block of text (the selected block must be within an input field).
    • Fixed a null pointer error which will cause IE to crash when ieSpell is run in a page (with frames) contains empty documents.
    • Renamed all references to "ieSpell Checker" as "ieSpell" to make branding consistent. This also effectively fix the IE toolbar icon spacing issue. (Occurs when "Show text labels" is selected)
    • Updated ieSpell's URL in the About dialog.


  • 0.9.1 beta (build 99) (released 19th April 2002)

    • Fixed the browser's display problem when using ieSpell in spawned instances of IE (e.g. new windows opened using Ctrl-N).


  • 0.9.1 beta (build 79) (released 15th April 2002)

    • Added ability to handle documents with frames. This effectively fixed issues when using ieSpell with web mails/forums that rely on frames (such as yahoo mail).
    • Fixed the problem of highlighting partial or incorrect words on the page. Note that the word being checked by the spell checker is correct though.
    • Cosmetic change involving the use of "Tahoma" font instead of "MS Sans Serif" font by the dialog boxes so that they look better on XP systems with ClearType turned on.


  • 0.9.0 beta (build 79) (released 20th March 2002)

    • First public release.

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